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Life Span and Disability
founded in 1998, promotes interdisciplinary research about psychological, social, educational, rehabilitative and neuro psychological aspects of the human life span. The aim is to give diffusion to the scientific studies of persons who have to cope with cognitive and emotional and interpersonal problems – for transient or persistent reasons – in the different periods of the life, when specific existential events (e.g., adolescence, lost of work, retirement, end of fertility, normal and pathological aging) could cause disease or actual disability. The neuropsychological and social aspects of Intellectual Disability, and the strategies to enhance the cognitive rehabilitation and the quality of life of these persons, were a main target in the published studies. The attention is focused, for the different phases of life and for the specific conditions of disease, on the skills suitable to promote the person’s development, fully using all the existing or residual potentialities. The view to consider these aspects may be in turn educational, social, environmental, but taking into account the connections with the bio-psychological bases and/or with the data derived from empirical research. Both quantitative and qualitative methodological approaches are welcomed.

The contributions received are submitted to two members of the scientific committee or external experts, for a blind peer-review process.

Two issues per year will be edited, in English language, and published online on the website Each issues will include research contributes, reporting original theoretical, methodological or empirical studies; diagnostic or intervention instruments (validation of techniques as tests or grids in the field of interest of the Journal); case-reports of clinical or rehabilitative relevance; reviews on specific themes.